How to get involved

There are many ways in which you can make a difference through the gift of sight. Becoming a Cambodia Vision sponsor will ensure that your contribution goes towards a worthy cause. Monetary donations or a contribution towards our “Eyesight Wishlist” are most appreciated!

Eyesight Wishlist

You can directly donate towards typically used supplies like the examples below to be used on our Cataract Mission trips.

  • Vitamins (multi-vitamins, fish oil)
  • Sunglasses for post-surgery and cataract prevention
  • Frames and lenses for spectacles as necessary
  • Rice and Food supplies for overnight patients
  • Transport for patients to come to the hospital
  • Meals for patients and carers 
  • A-Scan machine
  • Auto-refractor and Keratometer

$50 can give the gift of sight

Give every Cambodian the right to sight