Frequently Asked Questions

All the information you may want to know about Cambodia Vision

Does the patient have to pay for any services?

No, the patient receives the eye examination and medical examinations absolutely free of charge. If cataracts are present, they will invariably have very poor, debilitating vision. In such cases they will also receive cataract removal surgery free of charge, which allows them to see again in a new light. Furthermore, Cambodia Vision brings spectacles, spectacle lenses, sunglasses, protective eye drops and other medications to Cambodia, which are distributed to the patients as necessary.

How does Cambodia Vision decide which province to operate from?

Each year the team travels to a different province of Cambodia, the team travels to where there is the greatest need for eyecare and medical services. There may be a time when it is decided that the need is still very great at the same province, thus the team will travel to the same province for two consecutive years. Cambodia Vision arranges extensive newspaper and radio advertising in Cambodia to allow for prospective patients to stay informed about when they can receive their free eye assessment and surgery.

What are Cataracts?

Cataracts are a progressive deterioration of the eye’s crystalline lens, which causes cloudy vision. It is much akin to having a dirty film in from of your eyes, causing sufferers to see poorly, and unfortunately the condition slowly worsens over time. For many Cambodian people, agriculture is a predominant source of income. Therefore exposure to harmful UV radiation from the sun is often very frequent, and there is very little lack of awareness about the importance of protecting against UV damage. Prolonged exposure to UV causes the crystalline lens to deteriorate faster, and cloudy vision develops much earlier in the Cambodian people as a result.

Is there a cure for cataracts?

Unfortunately, no medications can cure cataracts, they must be surgically removed and a new crystal lens put into the eye. Often, many Cambodian people continue their lives partially or completely blinded by cataract, as they have no access to eye care. Cambodia Vision bring eye care facilities to the people, and allow the cataract surgery to be carried out in Cambodia for the people free of charge, allowing them a renewed and restored sense of sight.

How can cataracts be prevented?

The best way to protect against cataracts from forming is to wear sunglasses and hat protection. UV exposure increases the rate of progression of cataracts by 500%. This is why to date, we have distributed more than 3000 pairs of sunglasses to the Cambodian people and educate them on its importance for prevention. After all, prevention is better than cure.

How does the Cambodia Vision team obtain the equipment to do their work?

The team ships state-of-the-art equipment directly from Australia to Cambodia. Medicines, eyedrops and other surgical equipment are brought directly with the team. There is also collaboration with local hospitals.

How does Cambodia Vision pay for their work in Cambodia?

The Cambodia Vision team pay their own way for these missions, and are heavily reliant on sponsors such as Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, Allergan, Australian Fashion Eye wear and other ophthalmic companies who donate equipment, medicines, eye drops and spectacles to Cambodia. Furthermore, annual dinner banquets in Sydney and Brisbane help to instigate fundraising opportunities so that the team can continue their work in Cambodia.

How can I help?

If you are interested in volunteering, contact us today.

monetary donations of $50 can allow one person to have an eye examination, cataract surgery, hearing test and medical tests done, as well as receiving a package of eye drops, medications and sunglasses. It is an easy way to give the gift of sight. To donate, please click on the “Donate Now” tab.

$50 can give the gift of sight

Give every Cambodian the right to sight