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Congratulations to Damian King who has toughed the elements, painful blisters and dangerous roads shared with semi-trailers to successfully arrive in Sydney after 17 gruelling days on the road.  Damian, through his vision for Jog out of Fog has raised over $50,000 for Cambodia Vision which is an incredible feat.  What an inspiring man and an incredible journey.
Jog out of Fog Background
Although the Cambodia Vision’s team are all volunteers and pay for their own flights, accommodation and meals, there are many items required to carry out cataract surgery with substantial costs attached. During surgery a cataract is removed from the patient’s eye and replaced with a clear lens. The cataract sufferer can only see a white fog through their milky lens. Once this is removed and replaced, vision is restored. It is from this process we got the name of Damian’s endeavour; JOG OUT OF FOG.
Damian was inspired by his friend, Will Robertson who he has been great mates with for almost 40 years. Will travelled to Cambodia last year and worked with a group of Australian eye doctors and his story of both the elation and sadness he experienced whilst working with the underprivileged was impossible to ignore. It made Damian feel that if he had the necessary skills to travel to Cambodia and carry out this great work, he would. So he asked myself, “What can I do?”  At this point JOG OUT OF FOG was conceived.
Although this run will not be easy, it will allow Damian to personally feel the same isolation, pain and loneliness that these people experience day in and day out. Let’s not forget, this challenge is an option for him, where as the people of Cambodia have no choice!
You can help make this a marathon in more than one way, by not only supporting with your donation, but also by telling someone you think may wish to help the cause. ‘Like’ the official Jog Out of Fog Facebook page and donate directly there by clicking on the green Donate button:
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